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Provide futures with purpose for all individuals with autism and associated conditions and ultimately to provide this through the development of a network of consistently outstanding and innovative outreach centers for autism and related disorders worldwide.



The pressure faced by parents and children with autism as they approach adulthood and beyond is extreme.

We acknowledge that autism places immense stress on both the person with autism and their family. Inadequate understanding within our society of autism as a condition results in many sufferers becoming isolated often leading to adverse, prejudicial reactions. We also know from detailed research that insufficient provision of appropriate care facilities means many parents face no choice other than to become permanent home careers. The impact on the lives and relationships of relatives and the wellbeing of the individual sufferer is huge today.

The impact on society if we fail to address this will be even greater tomorrow. Current residential care facilities for individuals with autism that need it are very limited worldwide; rates of autism diagnosis are also climbing sharply. The autism ‘boom’ will soon bring the pressure to a crisis point unless more appropriate services and facilities are provided.

Many individuals with autism and those around them will depend on The Autism Trust for support and to help them reach their full potential. The Autism Trust facility will be a place where residents can live in a lifelong support environment; where they can work or travel to work; and where they, and visiting people with autism of all ages, can access specialist, autism centered support: from personal skills development, to medical and nutritional advice, to mentoring, vocational and educational guidance.

Our objective is simple: to create a future with purpose for individuals and their families living with autism and associated conditions. We aim to do this by developing a worldwide network of innovative, high quality centers in tranquil environments.

There is an immense need for comprehensive resources for both individuals with autism, as well as their families and the goal is simply to “bridge this gap” by providing expert innovative facilities and services. Each Centre of Excellence will be open to people from across the world of autism as an outpatient resource.


Provide futures with purpose for all individuals with autism and associated conditions. Provide this through a network of consistently outstanding and innovative outreach centers for autism and related disorders worldwide.

Focused on full spectrum support and community integration, The Autism Center, Austin will be a revolutionary facility offering vocational, educational, wellness and semi-independent residential support for teens and adults with autism and associated conditions.

Nurturing Environment

We will provide a supportive and nurturing environment that will foster independence, build life skills, and also generate community awareness of the vast capabilities of individuals with autism.

Respected Facility

The ultimate result of The Autism Trust USA’s mission will be a world class, respected facility others will aspire to replicate and a source of pride for all of Austin and its residents.


Service Innovation

In support of this mission, our objective is to offer vocational, educational, wellness, and semi-independent residential resources in an environment rich with physical, spiritual, and emotional support via a conglomerate of innovative, expert facility and service provision.


New Out-patient Facilities

There are few, if any, expert facilities offering the services that young adults with autism, as well as their families, desperately need and will be provided by The Autism Trust USA. We shall also offer facilities and services as an “out-patient” resource for individuals and their families on a per visit basis whether a single consultancy service or for extended periods of expert service and facility provision.

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