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Autism not only affects the individual and their family, it affects the whole community. Our community plan is to engage families, corporations, organizations and general members of society to support the development of The Autism Center. We’ll achieve this by increasing the awareness of autism and the living challenges expressed by individuals as well as their families. Not only will this be encouraged through community support programs but also through direct engagement and association with facility services.



The center will include a number of new innovative facilities that support various family and community needs. 

  • Rex Bradley Main Office Building

    (completed as a 6 bedroom family home to be used as a main office following the completion of 2 family (4 bedroom houses) this will also become a business center in which people with autism with the desire to run their own businesses: support other companies in graphic and specialist design; testing software and games; developing IT solutions and many other activities.

  • Harriet Barber Art Gallery

    Selling art work, ceramics etc made by individuals with autism

  • Polly’s Place Shop

    (to be incorporated with the art gallery building)
    Selling gifts, works, donated items on line and within this building

  • Cafeteria

    Selling organic, gluten and casein free foods, juices, salads, paleo styled menu

  • Horse Boy “Equine” Therapy

    Therapeutic riding lessons plus horse access to the community

    • Horticultural Center

Organic greenhouses, raised beds, bee hives, ducks, chickens, goats, sheep (pets petting corner)

  • Elias Tembenis Wellness Center

    Our unique outpatient resource for all people with autism of all ages where in house experts including gastroenterology, functional and integrative health specialists, Occupational and sensory therapy, medical support and Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy.

  • Barb McCarley Vocational Center

    Providing training, educational and vocational opportunities. Vocational opportunities for both residents and non residents will be created ranging from organic and eco friendly agricultural/horticultural work through to the technology and design enables work within the business center plus art and crafts and other produce manufacturing.

  • Media Center

    Many individuals with an autism spectrum disorder commonly have wonderful abilities that include working with games, film, photography, editing, graphic design and so on and the Media Center will offer mentored work opportunities that will cover a range of media related opportunities.

  • Recreational Center/Community hall

    Facility to also be used as a training center providing training, consulting services and facilities accessible to everyone working in the field of autism that needs to increase their understanding with the most effective ways to treat and support those with the diagnosis. Conferences, workshops and seminars will be run to provide education, information and open programs covering all aspects of autism – from developmental to biomedical and behavioral.

  • Swimming Pool

    (for residents/staff only)

  • Laundry

  • Communal Dining Hall

    For residents, outpatients, time sharers and staff

  • Residential Accommodation

    Will be a haven for those in immediate need through to the provision of lifelong homes for adults with autism in an accessible, open, safe and supported living environment.

    Residential accommodations include the following;

    • 10 x 3/4 bedroom respite houses for individual families. These contemporary residential houses will offer short and long term stay opportunities to families. The autism center will provide opportunities to access “specialist” on site services and facilities including workshops and seminars to help increase awareness, understanding and utilization of individualized interventions, approaches and techniques to help them support their child
    • 10 x 2 bedroom ( independent and semi independent chalets) for “on site” residents
    • 3 x 4 bedroom staff houses will accommodate resident staff members
    • Dormitory will provide accommodation for individuals, parents, carers, students and professionals attending our awareness and training courses that will provide “on site” learning and experience working with and alongside individuals living with autism. The dormitory will also provide a safe and comfortable facility for siblings when we host our “sibling holiday camps”.


Planned Phased Development (provisional)

  • Dec 2018 – Acquisition of existing ranch property and adjacent 40 acres of land
  • Jan 2019 – March 2020
  • Phase 1 – Nature Trails and the Rex Bradley Building – complete renovation of the existing building. The Rex Bradley Building will serve as a temporary residential home, administrative office and organizational headquarters (completed)
  • Phase 2 – Zoning and Planning approvals plus Landscaping, Access and parking plus sewage and water services
  • Phase 3 – Elias Tembenis Wellness Center providing multiple therapies and wellness care including gastroenterology, integrative health support, sensory intervention, Occupational therapy, ABA therapy and Chiropractic services
  • Phase 4 – Staff Housing 3 x 4 bedroom homes plus 10 x 2 bedroom chalets plus dining hall kitchen and laundry center alongside the development of the horticultural center and recycling Center. (Produce from the gardens and greenhouses will provide self sufficiency food and utilized as part of the vocational center culinary arts and catering program)
  • Phase 5 – Barb McCarley Vocational Center providing education and art and crafts plus workshop, seminar and conference facilities
  • Phase 6 –.Polly’s Place Retail Shop (will sell and showcase products plus have an on line access)
  • Phase 7 – Organic Café and bakehouse plus the attached Harriet Barber Art Gallery (will sell and highlight the artistic creations of the residents and local autism community)
  • Phase 8 – Media Center
  • Phase 9 – Dormitory and Recreational /leisure Building
  • Phase 10 – Alex Spourdalakis (10x) Respite Homes
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