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The Autism Trust USA is comprised of individuals who have a personal connection to and passion for those impacted by autism, as well as a proven track record of success.

Our team is comprised of a Board of Directors, staff, consultants, community members and volunteers. Each brings a unique skill set required to successfully launch, manage and grow The Autism Trust USA. Association individuals offer skills and experience in the following fields;

  • Finance and accounting
  • Legal services
  • Marketing, PR and communications
  • Business management
  • Medical and nutrition
  • Property and land development experts
  • Volunteer coordinators and individuals

We are also engaging the “next generation” of supporters and advocates through an active junior board.

The Fundraising Panel

The Fundraising Panel determines the communications and marketing strategy. They take the lead in developing, managing sponsor and donor relationships and organizing the campaign and events program.

The Property Panel

The Property Panel focuses on design development (based on inputs from the Autism Experts Panel), cost modeling, land acquisition, securing planning and management of the overall construction process.

The Autism Experts Panel

The Autism Experts Panel is comprises of a range of specialized areas considered essential to both plan to accommodate and then in due course to support the residents living and working in the new community. We anticipate that this Panel will ultimately broaden into the three key areas of medical and nutrition, education and development, and agriculture and horticulture.

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