Providing Futures with Purpose

Providing Futures with Purpose for Individuals with Autism and Associated Conditions

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The Autism Trust USA will provide innovative outreach centers of excellence for autism. We consider it essential that each of these areas not only provide help and support to individuals with autism but also their families and those involved with their care, support ongoing education and development.

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Our centers in autism will be places where people with autism can work and enjoy life in well designed facilities: where they can live in a lifelong supported living environment; where they and visiting people with autism of all ages, can access specialist, autism centered support: from personal skills development, to medical and nutritional advice, to mentoring and education and where employees and others can learn and be trained about autism.


The Autism Trust USA is a Christian based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, committed to serving individuals, families, and communities living with autism. We strive to build futures with purpose for all individuals, regardless of age, ability, race, faith or gender. It is our mission to provide vocational, educational, wellness, and semi-independent residential programs in an environment rich with physical, spiritual, and emotional support.


Learn about how we’re making a positive impact with children and adults living with Autism.

Our Mission

To build purposeful, safe, secure futures for people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We believe that everyone with ASD has a purpose and gift in society if given the chance. Our aim is to place individuals in an appropriate environment for life surrounded by love and security promoting health and happiness.

Our Community Plan

We are building a family and everyone that joins us will be a firm part of this. We will help and support each individual achieve their potential whatever this may be. We will build whatever is needed to achieve this. We will encourage the public to be completely involved in all our activities with our cafe, shop, art gallery, cooking classes, art and craft activities as well as ‘buddy’ dates with our residents.

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Join us every Saturday for our weekly VOLUNTEER DAY! Our current projects include cutting cedar trees, clearing brush and mulching for paths at the Autism Center Austin. We need volunteers with chainsaws and strength to help us! If you can help on any weekend please contact bella@autismtrustusa.com.

Polly’s Place

Polly’s Place is an online store that allows individuals with autism to sell and showcase their skills and products. From hand crafted gifts, cards, stationary and artwork, to candles, ceramics and home furnishings -PLUS, seasonal and fresh organic horticultural and bake house produce. Polly’s Place will be a “honeypot” of wonderful products and produce.

Tour With Us

The Autism Trust provides guided tours to individuals and corporations on a regular basis. The tours provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about the passionate vision of The Autism Trust and enjoy the land’s developing facilities and service provisions. The tours are not only available to families living with autism but also members of the community who simply want to know more about us to get actively involved. Contact bella@autismtrustusa.com for more information and to schedule your tour.

“We have the land. Now we need to build the center. Just imagine, building a place for people with Autism can live for life, where they can be safe and where they can thrive.”
Polly Tommey, Founder of The Autism Trust
“We’ve been blessed with this 40 acres. Development of this site will be over the next 6-9 years and it will be a residential facility for adults with Autism who will be given opportunities to live and thrive in a wonderful and very tranquil and beautiful environtment.”
Jonathan Tommey, Director of Development
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