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We are very grateful to the companies that have supported us along our path so far. Without them, we would not have made such progress in our development. Our sponsors are a key part of our growth and have been significant in keeping us moving toward our goals. We always welcome companies who want want to make a positive change in childrens’ lives.

Partner With Us

Leadership Team

Polly Tommey
Polly TommeyFounder, The Autism Trust
Polly Tommey is the mother of Bella, Toby and Billy, her 20 year old son with autism. Polly is a leading autism advocate and activist and has appeared as a spokesperson for individuals and families living with autism. Polly has appeared in print and television media around the globe and has tirelessly initiated autism campaigns directed at political leaders and society in general to increase awareness of autism.

Concerned that current access to specialist autism service and facility provision (especially following educational years) remains insufficient Polly founded The Autism Trust charity in the UK in 2007 which has a facility in Berkshire and recently as a 501(c)3 non profit in Austin Texas that is currently building an inspirational center that will offer both residential and outpatient resources to individuals and families living with autism.

Polly co-authored her book “Autism- a practical guide to supporting your child’s quality of life” released by Piatkus in 2011.

Polly founded the Autism Media Channel (2010)that has produced over 60 videos for the European Sky

Information Channel and successful documentaries and films including “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis

Jonathan Tommey
Jonathan TommeyDirector of Development
Jonathan Tommey is married to Polly and has three children, Bella, Billy (autistic) and Toby. Following Billys diagnosis Jonathan became an advocate for autism in the UK and completed a second degree in clinical nutrition to set up a nutritional clinic to support individuals with autism. He is co-author of Autism- A practical guide to improving your child’s quality of life by Piatkus publishers March 2011 and has provided multiple articles for the Autism File magazine (since it launched in August 1999 www.autismfile.com ). As a family, the Tommey’s moved from London in the UK to Austin Texas to set up The Autism Trust and he also co-founded his online nutraceutical and information company www.practitionerselect.com. He is currently the Director of Development at The Autism Trust.
Bella Tommey
Bella TommeyBoard Member
I am extremely honored to be a board member of the Autism Trust USA. My brother Billy was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 . After watching my brother grow and flourish and through the successes of my Give Autism a Chance campaign, I am fully aware of the incredible capabilities of people with autism. My primary mission is to create safe, purposeful and meaningful futures for people like my brother, so that they truly get the chances they deserve.
Tony Allison
Tony Allison Board Member
Tony Allison (Chief Financial Officer) is a long-standing veteran in the commercial banking and commercial lending industry since 1987. He started the new commercial lending division for Hillcrest Bank, Austin, in 2011. He has been successful in attracting a diverse client base that includes manufacturers, distributors, contractors, agricultural companies and many more. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering Technology and Policy and has a certificate of completion from the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin in Energy Technology and Policy. Tony is married to Tracy and have 3 beautiful children two of which have an autism spectrum disorder.
Jason Napolitano
Jason NapolitanoBoard Member
Jason has been an user experience designer for over 16 years. He’s worked for many companies championing process, leadership and design thinking across large businesses. Jason works at Lab49, a capital markets consultancy and has recently been Service Design Lead at Fjord, Creative Director at AOL and Creative Director for Samsung Electronics, focusing much of his work around services, content and digital product development. Jason recently joined the Autism Trust to focus on digital development of the community. Jason also has a four year old son diagnosed with ASD.
Eric Scheibe
Eric ScheibeBoard Member
Texas native Eric Scheibe is a professional engineer and owner of Scheibe Consulting LLC, an Austin based company providing civil engineering services throughout the state of Texas. He loves spending time with his family and relaxing outdoors. He has a heart for families with children on the autism spectrum and believes every kid should have the chance to shine and feel their best in a loving and supportive environment.

Staff & Volunteers

We actively search and welcome volunteer support on a regular basis. This may involve members of society wanting to help and support the development of strong partnerships with local organizations, businesses and individuals.

Volunteer opportunities offer ALL individuals an open door to get involved with us. This includes “on site” development , maintenance work land cultivation, horticulture and animal husbandry. It also involves the opportunity to working with individuals with autism, offering family support, managing volunteer groups, enhancing public relations, coordinating site tours, joining the management team and coordinating social and fundraising events.

The range of opportunities is vast and to get involved is not only supportive, rewarding and fun but provides a sense of achievement for all volunteers. We actively encourage and welcome individuals who want to get involved.

Take action to support the Autism Center Austin/MileStone Plan. Urge Commissioners to VOTE YES on Feb. 21st.   Click here